Governor Deal Criticizes Fellow Republicans​ Over Delta Squabble

By Amanda Cooper

March 02, 2018 - 7:44 am

The Latest on Delta Air Lines’ decision to cut business ties with the National Rifle Association

Georgia’s governor is criticizing what he calls an “unbecoming squabble” after fellow Republicans vowed to punish Delta Air Lines for breaking business ties with the National Rifle Association. The Governor broke his silence Wednesday on the controversy that has pitted gun-rights supporters at the state Capitol against one of Georgia’s largest employers. At a news conference he said an underlying tax bill was “put at risk by the types of antics that tend to plague election years.”

Photo Credit-Amanda Cooper

Deal said he plans to sign the broader tax bill, even after Senate Republicans moved to kill a tax break on jet fuel that would primarily benefit Delta. He said he will pursue the tax break separately. He sought to assure businesses that Georgia “is a welcoming state, the epitome of Southern hospitality.”