Former City of Atlanta Employee Convicted of Obstruction in Atlanta Bribery Probe

Amanda Cooper
April 09, 2018 - 6:07 pm

Shandarrick Barnes was sentenced to 32 months, for witness intimidation. In November  Barnes pleaded guilty to obstructing justice as part of an ongoing investigation into a pay-to-play scheme for city contracts. U.S. District Judge Steve Jones sentenced Barnes on Monday to three years and one month in federal prison. Jones then decided to reduce the sentence to two years and eight months to give Barnes credit for time served in state custody related to the incident.

Prosecutors say Barnes threatened contractor Elvin R. Mitchell Jr. in September 2015 to keep him from cooperating with investigators. They say Barnes threw a cinder block through a window in Mitchell’s house and left dead rats outside his home.

Barnes was employed by the City of Atlanta and supervised by Mitzi Bickers, who was indicted last week on 11 federal grand charges.