Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement Arrest 23 Members of The Ghostface Gangsters Gang

By: Amanda Cooper

March 07, 2018 - 8:19 pm

Federal prosecutors say the gang has spread through Georgia's jail and prisons and beyond since it originated in the Cobb County jail, just outside Atlanta, in 2000. “The Ghostface Gangsters gang is very violent and their members will not hesitate to shoot at anyone,” Pak said in a news release. “Members have allegedly committed drug trafficking crimes inside and outside prisons to make money, while committing violent crimes against one another, innocent citizens, and police officers.”


The indictment details the gang’s structure, inner workings and symbols:

It says the gang was founded by seven original members, known as the “pillars,” three of whom are charged in the indictment: 35-year-old Jeffrey Alan Bourassa, also known as J.B., Babyface and Kid; 40-year-old David Gene Powell, also known as Davo; and 39-year-old Joseph M. Propps Jr., also known as J.P.

Nine of the people named in the indictment face charges of conspiracy to commit racketeering to benefit the gang by plotting to commit murders, kidnappings, witness tampering, drug trafficking, wire fraud, gun violations and other crimes. Thirteen are accused of participating in a drug conspiracy that involved possessing and distributing methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana and illegal pills. Some also are charged with separate violent crimes, including carjacking, attempted murders of law enforcement officers, kidnappings, assault and maiming.

The investigation and arrests involved cooperation among local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.