(Photo Credit: Maria Boynton / Entercom Atlanta)

DNC Leader Calls Midterm Elections Critical Opportunity For Party To Push Back On "Washington DC Nonsense"

By Maria Boynton

February 21, 2018 - 8:57 pm

The new vision of the Democratic National Committee, according to Vice Chair Michael Blake, is "every zip code counts, getting Democrats elected from the school boards to the White House." When it comes to races in Georgia, Blake says, "there's an opportunity to shift the needle and change the game here." He points to races for U.S. Congress and Governor. "We're excited because people are looking at Georgia and understanding if you want to change the game in the south, you have to go through Georgia."

The Democrats are already making their presence known, though the midterm elections aren't until November. During a visit, this past weekend to Atlanta, Blake said, "the midterm elections are an opportunity to show that elections do matter." That's why Blake says he was here getting out the message. "You can't show up four weeks before an election, you have to show up all the time", says Blake, who is also a New York Assemblyman from The Bronx, NY.

As for the Democrat's message, Blake says, "It's everything we've been fighting for the last year plus." He points to health care, "how the Republicans tried to take it away, and we stood up and said 'we reject that', and not only do we reject that, but let's figure out ways to make it better." On immigration, "it's not just a Latino issue, it's an issue for all of our communities." Blake adds,  "We're going to be very clear that the Democrats are fighting for opportunity for all while the Republicans are fighting for the opportunity of the top one percent."

Blake, who was elected to his position with the DNC a year ago, goes on to say, "the actions of the republicans speak for themselves." In using President Donald Trump's response following the mass shooting at a high school in Florida as an example, Blake says, "When you have a President who couldn't find the decency to make a public announcement and statement when thinking about what's going on in Florida, it shows a lack of decency in the White House."