City of Atlanta Computers Hacked

Source: System held hostage for $51,000 in Bitcoin

Maria Boynton
March 22, 2018 - 3:26 pm

Paying bills and accessing court-related information became problematic around midday Thursday, when the City of Atlanta started having problems with its computer system.  City spokesperson Anne Torres said in a statement, "our Atlanta Information Management team is working diligently with support from Microsoft to resolve the issue." 

A source tells WAOK/V103 News the computer system was "hacked and is being held hostage for $51,000 in bitcoin." Bitcoin is a digital token, with no federal backing, that can be transferred electronically from one user to another.

In a statement, FBI spokesman Kevin Rowson says, "the FBI is aware of the situation and we are coordinating with the City of Atlanta to determine what happened."