Atlanta Public School Says Student Abduction is Unfounded

Amanda Cooper
October 11, 2019 - 11:17 am

(Photo Credit: olga_sweet/Getty Images)


The investigation into an attempted abduction during recess as been deemed "unfounded."

The Atlanta Public Schools Police says an 8-year-old girl reported that a stranger allegedly tried to abduct her as she played outside Deerwood Academy on Monday. The young girl, detailed that the man choked her, pointed a gun to her face and tried to kidnap her. She says he allegedly left when a teacher blew a whistle to alert students it was time to return to class.

In a statement late Thursday, the school district said that their investigation is finished and deemed "unfounded."

"The evidence collected, including the surveillance footage, testimonials from students and adults, and the timeline of events does not support the student's allegation of being attacked on the playground by an armed man. APSPD has notified the student's family that these allegations are unfounded," the district said in a statement. "In addition, the investigation determined that school safety protocols were in place, ensuring that all students were supervised and accounted for at all times, including during the time of the alleged incident."

Although the report is finished, the school system is receiving criticism from the Atlanta Police Department regarding the response time. Saying it took the school district hours to notify the city. The school district has disputed the statement saying, the department was notified 10 minutes after it "became aware of this incident."